Is your search experience getting better and what is the new frontier in SEO?

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The word SEO has been around for many years. In the early days it was all about figuring out the system used by Google and Yahoo. Many “SEO experts” figured out loopholes in the system and used the loopholes to rank their, and their clients’, websites.

In recent years Google has become more sophisticated and this is a good thing for both website owners and users alike. The vast majority of people using the web want to find meaningful content that is informative, engaging and interesting, and this is the new frontier in search engine optimisation. Here you will find a search engine optimisation starter guide or you can find it on Google's Search Console Help Page.

Gone are the days of excessive link building, unrelated anchored text and meta-tags. Nowadays quality is better than quantity. Having said this, it is always good practice to have your site optimised and structured so that companies like Google can understand the content.

SEO is now more about taking the long view, designing your website structure to be Google friendly, implementing good coding practice, not taking shortcuts and most importantly designing a website content strategy that is directly related to your website. It is this long-term approach that will result in your website ranking higher than the competition and staying there. The most important thing is to start immediately. Contact the web design team at BigNet Design, who will perform an SEO audit on your website and can then advise you on a path forward. The main task is that your on-site optimisation is structured so that search engines can read your website. Implementing a number of structural changes can have a very positive and in some cases, dramatic effect on the ranking of your site. Then the real work starts by implementing a long-term SEO strategy that will span across your entire business operation.