Web Development Service Dublin

Our web development service in Ireland is one of the best available. Web development refers to the technical side of building a website. This includes the architecture and structure and everything in between. Website architecture is a global term that takes into account the technical, aesthetic and functional aspects of your website development. When building, website developers must look at the user and the user requirements. A global plan should be drawn up in advance of building that looks at the objective of the website, usability, how users interact with the website and how information is stored. Although most professional web developers in Dublin do this, they do not always involve the client is such a plan. At BigNet Design, communication of this plan with the client is vital for success.

The structure of your website is very important for a couple of reasons. Firstly a clean, tidy and logical structure will allow search engines crawl your website with ease. This in turn will help with your ranking position. Secondly a clean, tidy and logical structure will make it easier for your users to view and find pages on your website.

One of the most important aspects to any web development is the security that comes with it. Because the world of internet security is in constant flux, keeping up-to-date with website security updates can be a daunting task. Each website developed by BigNet Design Dublin comes with a built in security module to allow easy updates into the future. At BigNet Design all our website developments follow best practices as described by Google in their Web Fundamentals document.

If you are looking for web development in Dublin, drop us a line and our website developers will be more than happy to discuss each element of your new project. 

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Designs account for over 25% of the worlds websites and over 50,000 new websites are developed on WordPress each and every day. Knowing how to create a great website using a content management system like WordPress takes years of experience. Want to know more?

Squarespace Web Design

Squarespace is around since 2004 and is a rapidly growing CMS (Content Management System). They try to make it easy for web designers to focus on the design side of web design but as with any technical CMS system, it takes years to master. Once mastered, web designers can create outstanding websites.

Joomla Web Design

Again one of the old kids on the block, Joomla provides a CMS system that allows open source coding. This open source approach allows web designers more flexibility with website add-ons and plug-ins. If you’re looking for something different in a CMS system, Joomla has the flexibility needed. 

Drupal Web Design

Like many other content management systems, Drupal provides an open source option for web designers to develop different applications. The core of Drupal is very good and the back-up services provided are second to none. Like all content management systems, Drupal is not for the faint hearted. 

Search Engine Optimization

How do you get your website to rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? The answer is search engine optimisation or SEO for short. SEO is both on-site and off-site and building a website in the wrong way will hamper your ability to rank for keywords into the future.

Web Hosting Ireland

Website hosting can make or break your online digital marketing. A poor provider could cause your website to rank poorly, it might open it up to security threats and your website could be grouped with a number of un-desirable websites. Take your time with this decision and listen to the experts.