Web Design Prices

This package is ideal for a company that would like to build their brand, increase visibility and have a modern mobile responsive website, designed to the highest standards.

This package is great for companies that really want to blast their brand awareness. A new website, designed to perfection coupled with a complete social media overhaul.

Do you want to sell your product or service online? Our online shops or eCommerce website designs might be exactly what you are looking for.

Our web design costs are very competitive across Ireland. We aim to design quality websites at the right price. One of the first questions a client want to know is how much does web design cost. The answer in short is “it depends”. Website design prices are based around the time spent creating a website and that in itself dictates web design prices. A good website should take around 20 days to complete and sometimes large enterprise websites can take months to build. If there has been a major data loss or a placeholder website is needed, we can create an effective web presence within 24 hours until a more permanent solution is found.

We have all searched the internet and found companies offering affordable websites and cheap web design. But they are in most cases, exactly what they say “cheap websites”. Cheap website design tend to use templates, these templates are pre-made designs to cater for as many different scenarios as possible. The problem with templates is all the information and coding needed to cater for different scenarios tends to stay in the back-end of the website. When search engines like Google crawl your website, they find all this code and sections of text. Quite simply they do not know what your website is about and you will find it very hard to rank for any key words. What use is a website that is only found on page 30 of Google search? 

Other factors to consider with website development are the security, the hosting and the scalability of your website. Not to mention the image that a cheap website presents to your clients. I’ll ask you one question, is cheap web design worth it? 

At BigNet Design we keep web design as affordable as possible, we do the job right, and we spend the time needed to produce quality websites for each and every client. We are very competitive on price and we produce fantastic websites that are responsive and will help grow your business and have the scalability needed to expand with your business.

So how much does a website cost? Have a look at the packages above and see what one works for you. Give us a quick call and we can run through the pricing structure for each.