Parallax Web Design is Here to Stay

Parallax Web Design Dublin

Parallax web design is around a few years and its popularity is still increasing. It was originally a concept taken from the video game industry and adapted to web designs around 2011. A parallax website design usually involves a background image that is static or moving at a different velocity to the overlaying text or image. The idea behind a parallax web design is to give the user of the website a feeling of depth in the design.

There is no doubt about the beauty of some parallax website and they really present an opportunity to web designers to express their creative flare. But are they good for ranking in search engines? The answer to this question is generally no, but when designed on the back of an optimised structure the answer can be yes. Creating an optimised parallax structure is not for the amateur web designer and a lot of research needs to go into any attempt to create one that ranks well, talk to an experienced webdesign service provider who can advise you on a structure that will work.

Leaving this aside, if your website is well branded, meaning that over 90% of your traffic is from branded organic searches, having a parallax web design might not be such an issue. After all you might be focusing on creating a bigger design impact for the users rather than trying to entice new users.

There are different types of parallax web designs and each type has a different impact. Some of the most common types are full page parallax web designs, video parallax, slider parallax, horizontal parallax and mouse over parallax web designs.

It is obvious that parallax web design is here to stay and when developed by expert website designers the parallax can be truly stunning. If you’re new to web design or you are a web designer that has never produced a parallax website, be sure to do as much research as possible before embarking on a such a design as the impact can be lost if the structure does not work well.

 If you need any advice on parallax web design you can contact our web design agency in Dublin at any stage.