Search Engine Optimisation - Best Practice #1: Getting Page Titles Right

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Search engine optimisation is all about making it easy for both human and search engines read the content on your website. As with any discipline get the basics correct and the ranking will follow in time. If you as an Irish business want a web design company, to build your website, they will start with the same process. Over the next few posts I will put forward a number of best practice tips for your website SEO. Have a look at your own website and see how it stands up to “best practice”. It is important to note, the best practice tips we provide are directly from Google’s guidelines and can be found in full on the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

In order for people to understand the content of a page, web designers use a title for that page. This allows users identify the content of the page at a glance. It also allows companies like Google understand what information is contained on that page. Most website CMS packages containing an SEO plugin that can assist you when changing your title tags. For people who wish to change it directly through the HTML, below is a good example of what your code should look like:


<head><title>BigNet Design | Web Design Dublin | Digital Marketing | SEO</title>
<meta Name="description"= content="BigNet Design are a digital marketing company who are located in Dublin. We specialise in website design, social media management, SEO and digital content creation."></head>


When implementing these changes you must be sure to follow the guidelines set down by Google:

1. Create accurate page titles
2. Create unique page titles
3. Use descriptive titles and try keep them short 

Google also states that you should try not use titles that have little or no relation to the content on the webpage. This also holds true for leaving the title blank or with a name that is non descriptive. When creating the page titles, you should refrain from repetition from page to page or a number of pages and avoid keyword stuffing. I hope this tip was useful and please check back soon for the post. If you are having any trouble with your search engine optimisation or need to avail of any of our digital marketing services, please be sure to contact us at BigNet Web Design Dublin.