Search Engine Optimisation - Best Practice 3: URL Structure

Web Design SEO 3

Web design is an amalgamation between art and technical expertise and in many cases it is difficult for a single person to have both skills in equal measure. Web designers are usually very creative or very technical. For this reason the basic structure of a particular web design might not be as fluid as you would like. A good example of structural problems in some website designs are URL’s.

A lot of search engine optimisation service providers will look at the structure of URL’s and how they can be improved. Key to this task is organised simplicity. Google recommend a couple of basic guidelines in their Search Engine Optimisation Guide .

1. Simple to understand website URL’s
2. Use words in website URL’s
3. Create a simple directory structure
4. Provide a single version of a URL to reach a document

All this might sound pretty basic but we seem to spend most my time fixing such issues. The trick is to avoid using long or generic URL’s with unnecessary key word packing. Try to ensure your directory names have a relationship to the content on the page and avoid using excess capitalisation in the website URL’s.

Web design is, as I said and amalgamation between two very different disciplines and it is this difference that causes such basic errors when designing websites. Web design services need to take account for the fundamental structure of a website and implement the best practice across both the artistic and technical aspects of their web designs.

We at BigNet Design are always available to answer any questions you might have about your web site URL structure. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction or indeed if you would like to avail of any of our web design services , please get in touch with our web design agency in Dublin.