The Evolution of Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design Dublin

For many years ecommerce web design was difficult to get right, security issues, slow loading and we’ve all experienced website payment systems crashing just before the transaction completes. Thankfully in recent times the process has become way more streamlined and ecommerce website technology has become way more sophisticated. It is for this reason people are requesting ecommerce as part of their web design. So let’s look at the benefits of doing business online through your website.

Firstly let’s look the traditional way of trading and its evolution to online environments. In the past the vast majority of trading for products and services happened through high street shops and local office buildings. About 15 years ago this all began to change and businesses began to add ecommerce applications to their website. Many of these ecommerce applications were built in-house by large multinational companies who could afford to address security concerns and adapt the ecommerce platforms to their way of doing business. While there were some success stories, many failed and it was the ones who failed that tarnished the rest.

The companies that succeeded did well but other businesses turned to platforms such as Amazon and eBay to sell their products and services online. A small to medium sized businesses selling directly through their own website was not the norm and for good reason. Why spend lots of time and money, developing an online shop when you can use services such as Amazon and eBay. Thankfully, over the past few years e-commerce web design has become much more sophisticated and a lot of the traditional issues have been ironed out. This has sparked a revolution in the online selling space and more and more web design projects include an ecommerce section.

Selling is an art and packaging your product or service in the right way can make or break your business. Amazon and eBay have a particular way of displaying your product or service and this does not always paint your product or service any different from your competitor. Online selling through such platforms becomes a price-driven race to the bottom. For companies who have been successful online trading through such platforms, the trend has been to move that platform back to their own website. Other companies have not engaged in ecommerce online but that trend is starting to change. Now that the technology has caught up, the benefits of online selling are so convincing that ignoring them could be disastrous for your business. Take for example cutting out the overhead of a high street store, reducing inventory requirements and increasing the size of your potential market overnight. Yes! These are the benefits that eCommerce websites provide and online selling is here to stay.

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