Web Designers - Transferring a domain name

Watch this short video from ICANN (Internet Corporation Assigned Names & Numbers) for a brief introduction in how to resolve issues while transferring a domain name from one provider to another. Have you ever tried to move host and found your current host provide being unhelpful? If so the host provider is walking on thin ice.  Take a look at this quick introductory video from ICANN and know your rights as a domain owner. 

In our experience, transferring a domain name from one provider to another is never an issue but in some cases the host provider might be a small company, re-selling a hosting product from one of the larger companies. All too often the small re-seller does not have proper infrastructure and systems to deal with a large number of requests or as in some cases they could have gone out of business.

If you are using an experienced web design and development company to build a website and complete the transfer the process should run just fine, but trying to transfer a domain name from one provider to another for a novice can be pretty tricky. The first port of call is to your existing host, they should help and give the information needed. Secondly, discuss the transfer with your new provider. If for some reason you are finding no resolve to your issues, get in contact with ICANN and they will work with the providers to make sure you get up and running. 

About our website design & development company

BigNet Design is located on Mount Street Lower in Dublin 2, we provide a complete website design and development service and we take care of transferring your existing domain name to a new provider if that is what is needed. Alternatively we can continue to work with your current provider if the service they provide is working good for you. If you would like any advice,please feel free to get in contact at any stage.