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Accelerated Mobile Pages is an initiative (open source) with a view to bringing webpages that open instantly on all devices, including mobile devices. We all know at this stage that Google has been setting standards in this area for a few years but accelerated Mobile Pages are a bit different. Thankfully major Search Engines like Google support the project and have included a section in Search Console that will allow webmasters test and debug the pages. So what are accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP for short?

In a nut shell, AMP are a new way for developers to build webpages that uses static content and render fast. It consists of three main parts, the AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache. Take a look below to see a brief introduction to each element but a lot more information can be found at the www.ampproject.org. At this stage the information on the website is largely technical and is aimed more a coder or a website developers but if the project is successful you might find elements of it will be built into the major Content Management Systems over time. 


The AMP HTML is like standard HTML with a few new properties that makes the code a bit more reliable in terms of performance and anyone who has coded in HTML while building a website will recognise a lot of the code. 


The AMP JS seeks to manage resource loading in order to make sure website page load fast.  It also controls resources that comes from external locations and dictates when the time when new data is sent, as opposed to the external resource dictating. 

Google AMP Cache

The Google AMP Cache fetches the new AMP pages, inserts them into a cache and then improves the pages performance automatically. The cache also has a validation section that allows users to debug and make sure the pages are working correctly. 

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