Website Developers Know the Power of Social Media

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Website designers and website developers have been integrating social media into their website designs for many years. The reason for this is to help drive potential customers to a website and in some cases other website owners may provide links to a website if the content is worth linking to. The benefits of being active on social media are fantastic and using it as a tool to generate new business can transform a company.  We all know the main media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter but how exactly can they bring visitors to a new website design.

Set up a blog on your new website design

One of the first and most important things a website developer should do when designing a website is to include a blog platform. This blog platform is the area that hosts all the news about a business and it works as an anchor to link a website to social media. All too often websites are built, and not linked directly to the social media platform. This creates a number of standalone platforms and in some cases these can be seen as different brands and in some case different companies.  When posting some new content, place it onto a website blog and make sure to input all the authorship tags. This allows Google to understand who wrote the content. We provide a website design service and we post our blogs to our website a day or two before we send the links through our social media channels. We also tend to submit a new sitemap in advance too. 

Channels to post your blog content

With so many different social media platforms, keeping up with new trends can be difficult. The big four have been around for a while and will probably be around for a long time to come. So if new to social media we would suggest starting with Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our website design agency tends to set these up automatically for all our new clients and when they see the benefit of social media they usually decide to expand these channels. 

Posting your blog content

Posting to Google+ is one of the easiest, simply login and go to your company page. Insert the link and Google does the rest. Facebook and LinkedIn have a similar process and Twitter has a slightly difference process, as users can only insert a maximum of 140 characters. After going through the process the blog post should be linked directly to the website and should be visible to all the followers. Always remember to spend time designing the social media platforms to have synergies with your brand. Speak to a website designer if you need to produce synergies across your marketing efforts.

Posting frequency

Keep blogging frequent, maybe one or two times a week and don’t always be selling. Informative and interesting blogs will help get new followers and new followers can convert into new customers in time. Starting out can feel like shouting into an empty room. This is always the case and a lot of website owners lose interest in the first few weeks. Remember to stick to the plan, keep creating new and interesting content, engage with other people’s content and follow topics or people you find interesting. In time that empty room will begin to fill up and you will start to feel the benefits of your social media campaign.

If you need any advice you can always contact our website design agency in Dublin Ireland. We are always willing to help and offer a range of services that might work for you.