Web Development - Is your website slow to load?

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Web design has really come on in the past two years in terms of user experience. One of the main reasons is the implementation of standards from companies like Google. Now these standards are all aimed at helping users have a better experience while viewing content online. 

Web Design Standards

One such standard is the Page Loading Time. In short this standard looks at the time to load, for a particular webpage on a number of different devices like phones and desktop computers. Thankfully Google has provided us with a very simple tool to use and we would advise all our clients to run this test and see how their website stacks up to industry standards. Remember, it is aimed at providing a better user experience for customers, so it is well worth the time involved.

The Web Speed Test

The tool is very easy to use and results will be shown in a couple of seconds, simply go to Google Developers and select Page Speed Insights. Once on the correct page you will be prompted to insert a web page URL. This is simply the web address you want to test and it is found in the address bar at the top of a browser. 

Web Speed Results

Once the test is complete, review the results. Firstly go to the mobile speed test and see how the web page performed. If the web page has failed the mobile test, you will see the results marked in red. In order to fix these issues that are slowing a website down, go through them one by one. Some issues might be very simple but others might be of a more technical nature and if you do not understand them, our advice is to contact an experienced web developer and seek help. Once you have completed this task, move on to the desktop test. In most cases, if you had any issues on the mobile test, the same issues will be in the desktop results. But again, go through them one by one and try fixing them. 

User Experience

One added benefit from this web page test is the information it provides on user experience. In Googles opinion, website owners should avoid app installs that hide content, avoid plugins, having an optimised view port for all devices, having optimised content inside the view port and make sure click-troughs are correctly sized. This might seem complicated to website owners that are not overly technical but usually these issues are pretty simple to fix. Again if you are having issues, feel free to get in contact with one of our web developers in Dublin

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