Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites can work for many different industries and the main idea behind brochure websites or portfolio websites, is to display the work that you have done in a very prominent location, usually on the home page. Our website design company has worked on a number of brochure design websites and in recent times the call for these websites has increased. Below you will find a few elements that make a brochure or portfolio website look and feel great. 

Website Design Features

Great Website Imagery

As with all website designs great imagery will help drive the user experience in the right direction. It is important to note that website imagery should be designed specifically for your website and the over abundance of stock imagery will work against you. Our website designers will advise most clients to take real photos of their business and include team images.The website designers will use elements of these images and extract details that can make a boring image look fantastic. 

Fluid Website Navigation

A real issue with brochure sites or portfolio websites is the tendency to get lost in the structure. Applying a fluid website structure will make sure that your customers can navigate your website and move in the direction that best serves their need. When web pages are designed correctly a user will be able to leave your website and find their way back to the exact same page another day. 

Local Business Awareness

It is still a fact that people like to buy from local businesses and installing a location map on your website can show users that your are a real business from the local area. It also helps users who might visit your premises locate you on the map. At BigNet Design we set up and link Google Maps to all website we design and develop.

Our Web Company 

Our web company in Dublin would be delighted to work with you on your next website design. We have the experience, the talent and the drive to deliver some of the best websites in Ireland. Our offices are in Dublin and we invite you to get in contact with us at any stage to discuss your website design project.


Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Website, thank you so much BigNet Design!
— Claire @ Renaissance Brochure Design