Cleaning Services Web Design

The contract cleaning industry is competitive and the challenge for any company involved is such service is to have a great visibility. Online sales channels are more important than ever and mastering such channels will help generate valuable new business. Our web design and development agency has worked on many websites that require high visibility and in competitive industries we apply the most up to date optimisation techniques as specified by companies like Google. 

Website Structure Design 

In competitive environments a clear and concise website structure will help search engines understand what a website is about but more importantly, users of the website will be able to navigate through the website with ease and find the product or services they require. Think of a website structure like a flow chart or filing system. If neat, tidy and logical it will be easier to understand for both search engines and users. 

On-Page Optimisation

The content on a page should be descriptive of the service, it should be written to include keywords and key phrases for that particular service. The keyword density is not as important as it once was but the content does need to include particular search terms to help it rank better. Webpages will need a descriptive meta-title, meta-description and heading tags.

Sitemap Submission

After the website is developed and pushed live a site map should be submitted to each major search engine. Companies like Google figure out the structure of the website and submit it for indexing. When a website is indexed, it will automatically begin to rank better and each time a webmaster adds more pages or content, they should re-submit the website.

Google Services Submission

Google provide a large number of services and being submission across each of these services can greatly increase a websites visibility. Thankfully this is easier than ever and you can read a post about submitting information to Google Services by following the link.

About Our Web Design & Development Agency

We are located in Dublin and provide a complete web design and development service. We pay attention to detail on each and every project and take our time to really understand the requirements of customer and industry they are involved in. If you are interested in availing in any of our web design & development services, please be sure to get in contact with us. 


After speaking to BigNet Design we knew we had picked the right guys to develop our website. It is unbelievable the number of leads we get now
— Deirdre | Management @ Eco Group