Construction Industry Website Design

The construction industry is a competitive area and producing a website that will stand out from the rest is not an easy task. The key to success is to spend many hours with the client and figure out their true value proposition. In this way our website designers can look at the key service areas and find the ideal niche.  Figuring out this niche can really drive a successful website design project. 

Website Niche Targeting

Having successfully identifying the target niche, a website needs to build a structure that will tell search engines that this company are specialists in this area. This in turn will help the website trend for the various search terms related to that niche. For example, SEM Construction are specialist at underground construction along with a number of other services. By targeting this area, we help streamline the kind of leads coming through the website and this in turn has a knock on effect as to streamline the business portfolio. 


We used to have no website and relied on word of mouth. Since we developed this new website with BigNet Design we have generated more business and respect within the industry.
— Eoin | SEM Construction