Events Website Design

Our website design agency in Dublin have worked on a number of  website designs for events and conferences. These events could be annual events, one off conferences, festivals, Government funded events and special events like weddings etc.  When considering a website design for an event a few key elements should be included on the new website design. 

Great Website Branding

Events are usually known by their brand, for example Electric Picnic or Bank of Ireland Startup Awards and it becomes vital to place this branding in a prominent position across the website. Not only should the branding be visible but also prominent in the written content and in the website imagery. It is this branding that will create recognition and if done correctly can lead to an event becoming a household name.

Event Sponsorship on the Website

With many events it is sponsors that help fund it. In return these sponsors will require a prominent position on the website in order to associate their brand with the particular event. It is often the case that these sponsors will sign up to the event after the website is built and careful consideration has to be made so that the location of the sponsors branding does not take away from the design of the website. It becomes essential that the designer working on your website is experienced enough to marry the two brands or indeed a number of brands without devaluing the event brand. 

Location Map and Event Schedules

Many events are held across multiple locations, some might be nationwide others might be held in a venue with a number of different locations in close proximity. For events like this a useful feature is an interactive map on the website with details of what is going on at each location. Although custom developments like these do take more time, they can be very useful for the people attending the website. The inclusion of structured markups on your website design for event times and dates will help this key information surface across Google Services and placing times and dates in a location that is easy to find on your website will help your users find the information they need.

The Event Website Structure

With event website designs the structure should be simple and to the point. Navigation should be intuitive and work perfectly across all devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk top computers. Many of the website users will be viewing the website while on mobile devices so fast loading is imperative along with a responsive website layout.  Using responsive and fast loading techniques in your event website design will lead to a better experience for your users and also help your website rank higher in search engines. 

Our Web Design Agency

At our web design agency we pride ourselves on being able to bring our experience in creating event website designs and share that experience with all of our clients. If you are interested in finding out more about our website design services or you have an up and coming event that you would like a website built for be sure to get in contact with us to discuss.


The guys at BigNet Design did a great job on our website and went over and above what needed to be done in advance of our launch date. If you’re looking for a great web design company, contact BigNet Design in Dublin
— Ben Rowe | Startup Awards