Production Company Website Design

Our website design service have worked with a number of production companies to build and manage their websites. Production companies operate in a number of different market niches from music production, video production, post production etc. Most production services need the ability to show their work on their new website design. It is important to make sure that the work can be displayed in a stylish way without slowing the website down. Read on to find some common elements included in production services websites. 

Managing the Speed of your Website 

As most production services have portfolios and in this industry that portfolio will usually contain video files, audio files or indeed heavy imagery. In the past a lot of website designers would have tried to upload these files to the website and this caused all sorts of issues. Websites became to heavy a sluggish, different file formats would not load properly on different devices and a raft of other issues. The new way around this is to store your heavy files for your portfolio items on an outside service like Vimeo or YouTube and call them to your website when the user wants to see them. This will make sure your website design remains light weight and faster.

Displaying your Portfolio

Portfolios can become large and we have found that using web design techniques like implementing carousels and rotating images can help reduce the need for excessive number of website pages. Items like this on a website will look and feel better and the user will respect the fact that you have put some design style into the presentation of your work and not just the work itself. We at BigNet Design can design and implement what ever style you like across your website and we will advise you on the best functionality needed to make your website look great.

Call to Action Buttons

This element of a website is vital for all website designs, not just websites for production companies. The idea behind a call to action button is to direct the customer to the next logical set of information. This includes directing them to the the contact information. You will find on most modern website designs that a "contact us" button is located on most pages. When a call to action button is implemented correctly the conversion rate of customers willing to contact you will increase drastically. 

Our Web Design & Development Agency

At BigNet Design we pride ourselves on our web design and development ability and we are eager to work with you on your website design. We can advise you on all the best web design techniques and implement them across your website. We are located in Dublin,Ireland and we are available to travel nation wide to meet with you and discuss your up and coming website design.


We came from page 4 on Google search to page one in a few weeks. Getting this website done has transformed our business. The leads just keep flowing in.
— Lucy | Creative Director @ Retina Video