Professional Services Website Design

Our web agency works with a number of professional services companies to produce their websites. These website designs can differ greatly from service to service. While some professional services like Solicitors, Accountants and Financial Firms might want the traditional look and feel tho their website, others will opt to a more up-beat progressive style. The key to success with these website designs is to understand the brand and future needs of each professional service. Some of the commonly used features on websites for professional services websites are listed below.

Custom Infographics on the Website Design

Professional services terminology can be confusing for clients especially when industry jargon is used. A way to simplify the information to make it more understandable to clients is to strip away all the jargon and express the ideas with infographics. These infographics are used to express large volumes of information in an image that represents a flow chart and can lead to a broad understanding of complex processes with a glance. We at BigNet Design can produce fantastic infographics for websites in the professional services industry. 

Clearly Displayed Services

Professional services usually specialise in particular niches of their industry, for example a Solicitor might specialise in Corporate Law, Employment Law and Dispute Resolution but might not operate in Family Law. It is very important that users of the website understand your key services as soon as they enter your website and at our web design agency we make sure the services on offer are very clear to each and every user. 

Website Design with a Blog Page

Again let us go back to the example of a Solicitor when building websites for professional services. Every day Solicitors are receiving news about new rulings in the Courts System. Taking this information and condensing it into a Blog post and sending it out through your Social Media Channels will help build your company profile, brand and bring more customers. Added to this, if the Blog posts are optimised in a particular way specific to your services, they will have a positive influence on the ranking of your website. 

Website Profile Page 

Many potential clients for professional services like to know the person who is providing this service. They may want to know their educational profile, how long they have been practicing, what clients they have worked with along with an introduction into what are their areas of specialty. For this reason we have found that most professional service website designs will include a profile page for each senior member of the team. 

Our Web Design Service

Our website design service can work with your professional service to build the website you want. We have many ideas and understand what customers really want. At any stage you can contact our Web Design Agency in Dublin and we can discuss the new design or your website. We are located at 3 Mount Street Lower in Dublin 2 and we are available to drop by and have a face to face meeting at any stage in the future. 


Theses guys are so professional and friendly, they just got the website I had in mind straight away
— Penny Gray | MD @ Sparkle Media