Recycling Services Website Design

Our client, MOR Recycling, runs a scrap metal recycling facility in Dublin. They wanted their website to represent their business in a way that would appeal to many different customer segments. When building the website we used imagery that was strategic, giving a representation of the business sector they operate in. As we all know, scrap yards are by their nature not the most scenic locations, but using imagery wisely can help website users get a good understanding of the business in hand. All key information is located on the front page using a parallax effect to divide sections and draw out key content.

A website should represent the business

This is one of the most important elements of every website design and it is imperative for the web designers to fully understand what the business does and also who they are. When a customer views a website, they get a feeling for the company they want to do business with and if for some reason the website is not representative of the company, the customer will loose trust and perhaps not do business with them. For this reason we ensure that we meet every client, face to face and really understand their business and their future aspirations. Only then can a web agency produce a website that is really in tune with the clients needs.