Restaurant Website Design

Our website design company have worked on a number of restaurant website designs and our experience has given us a lot of insight into the various requirements needed to produce a fantastic design. While these requirements are not universal they will apply to the majority of websites in the restaurant trade. If you consider the extra functionality below before your website is built, you will find that your new website will stand the test of time and will increase the positive experience your users will have on your website.

Website Design Features

Optimised for the Local Area

Competition is high for restaurants and being visible on the internet is vital for attracting new customers. The first step to becoming visible on the internet is to have your website built using all up-to-date on-site optimisation techniques. These techniques look at the structure of your website making sure the site is logical and easy for search engines like Google to understand. While going through these optimisation techniques it is important to have all the meta-descriptions optimised for the local area. This will help you rank better for people searching for restaurants in your particular area or location. 

Build the Website using a CMS System

A CMS System is a technology that allows the owners of a website update the website with ease from a non-technical point of view after the website is developed. In the restaurant trade, changes to menus, imagery and sometimes even videos are common place and having the ability to change these with ease as time goes on, without having to get in touch with your website designer really simplifies the process. When we build a restaurant website,we always use a CMS System to allow users the flexibility to change the content without affecting the style. 

Mobile Responsive Websites

In our experience we have found that almost 50% of the traffic to restaurant websites come from mobile devices. Usually these users are on their way to the restaurant and they might want to have a look at the menu or opening times of the restaurant.It is vitally important that these users are able to view all aspects of your website in a responsive manner on all mobile devices like phones and tablets. This will increase your users experience and also help you rank better is search engine results. 

Linking Connected Services

There is no doubt that Social Media Platforms such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google+ play a big part in the marketing of a restaurant and customers are increasingly using Social Media Platforms to review and comment on restaurants they have attended. But outside the main Social Media Platforms there are connected platforms that you should be aware of like Menu Pages, TripAdvisor and Yelp. These platforms contain reviews of restaurants in each area and restaurant owners should link these to their website to help manage the reviews and upload relevant information about the restaurant. 

About our Website Design Company

Our website design company has worked on a large number of website designs in the restaurant industry and we bring our experience to each and every new client. We try to implement as standard all the requirements needed to make your restaurant website design great. Our vast experience and attention to detail will make sure your website is built the way you want, on-time and within budget. You can contact our website design company in Dublin at any stage.


These guys are just the best, they spent so much time with me in order to get the website the way I wanted - BigNet Design are highly recommended as website designers
— Paul Murphy | MD @ il Caffe di Napoli