Schools Website Design

Schools websites usually contain a lot information that is valuable to both internal stakeholders (students and teachers) and external stakeholders (parents). So one of the main objectives with a website designed for schools is the logical structure of the website.  All stakeholders must be able to navigate the website in a way that brings them to the correct page of interest. It is also vital that the website is easy to update in a non-technical way so teachers, principals and other verified users can add and subtract content with ease.

Website Structure

Have you ever spent time on a website and found it hard to navigate? This is a common problem on some websites that are designed for schools. The issue is that schools usually have lots of content and different areas that they must cover from an information and administration point of view. At BigNet Design, we specialise in working out website structures that are logical and fit for purpose. This is really important as it will allow users of the website find the information they require in a seamless way. 

Content Updates

Schools websites are always evolving, new information needs to be added and taken down all the time. In the past, one person in a school was responsible for the management of a website as the back-end was pretty technical. We believe in building websites that are very easily managed from the back-end and owners of the website can upload content like text, images, audio and video through simple interactions. The owners can even elect to appoint a number of users with different permission levels who can upload and manage content on the website. Gone are the days of waiting for the "IT guy", now each individual teacher can have access to upload and manage the website if required.

Social Media

In progressive schools, social media is used to communicate with students and parents. Having the various social media platforms set up correctly, linked to the website and designed to reflect the website is vital. If this is done correctly a school can avail of all the benefits of having a number of different channels of communication that work in harmony. This in turn this will encourage communication between the various stakeholders and help build a more progressive school into the future. 

Our Web Agency

At BigNet Design we work with every client to really think through the various requirements for their organisation. Schools are no exception and in our view they sometimes require more time and effort to get them right. All too often we see school websites that are poorly designed, poorly structured and not portraying a true image of the school. We know parents and students will view a school website to help them make a decision about enrollment and having a great website with great information will help influence that decision. For this reason we appoint our most experienced designers to such projects and ensure the end result will inspire.  


I would say we have the best schools website in Ireland, thank you so much BigNet Design
— Kathy | Bremore Educate Together