Search Engine Optimization

All our website designs come fully optimized for SEO and our web developers can provide an ongoing SEO service to increase ranking. You need Search Engine Optimisation! What use is a fantastic website buried on the 13th page of a Google search? Most people will scan maybe two pages of Google results and pick from the ones who have made it to the top. Search engine optimization allows you to identify key words associated with what you do and target them. This process takes time and is implemented at the web development stage but it is the most effective form of getting your message to your customers over the long term. You can read more about search engine optimization best practice at Google.

While waiting for your Search Engine Optimisation to kick in, most people opt for a form of advertising called Pay Per Click (PPC). This advertising automatically gets your website to the top of a Google search for a specific keyword. We at BigNet Design believe that PPC is a good strategy to be implemented in the first few months of your new website or when you want to quickly launch a new product or service to the market. Over time, with the right SEO strategy and SEO Service, the need for PPC becomes less and less. BigNet Design provide a complete web design service that includes a search engine optimisation service along with a tailored pay per click service. Contact us in Dublin about all your digital marketing needs.