Effective web design to keep users interested

Irish Web Designers

Web design is a collaboration between art and technical ability and keeping these two skill sets in tune while progressing a website design project is what makes great websites. Below you will find a number of key elements to most web design projects that will dictate if the project is to be a success or not.

Well defined website structure

A website structure should be logical and the linking structure should logically guide users to the right place. We have all viewed websites in the past and after a short period of time found ourselves to be somewhat lost or in some cases going around in circles and unable to find the page of interest. This is mainly due to the structure and failing to create a good website structure will result in lost users. When embarking on a new website design, be sure to take your time with this part of the development and test the logic over and over again. If in doubt, talk to a professional website developer.

Well defined page structure

First and foremost a website page needs to have a well-defined structure. Most web design services will develop a strong structure before proceeding to the development stage of a website. Each page of the website should have a unique purpose and this purpose should be explained by glancing at the page. Firstly the page title should be descriptive and unique, the meta-description should relate to the subject matter and the headings should sum up in a couple of words what the page is about. Added to this, the web page should be laid out, in a way that facilitates users who scan through a website and users that like to get into the detail. Bullet points, headings, font style and tables will help facilitate both types of users. 

Website imagery

As with the page structure the imagery used should be descriptive, a lot of your users will focus on the visual aspect of a website so having interesting images with a focus relating to the page content will help build the relationship the user has with a website. A good mixture between info-graphics, real photographs and in some cases some stock photography will have the impact that keeps users engaged. When looking at real photographs, it is always a great idea to have a team photo or real location based photos with people in them. This will help the users feel the human side of the business and in some cases will let the users build rapport with the person they might do business with later down the value chain. A qualified website designer will be able to advise you on website imagery.  

Website content

Written content on a website should be crafted in a manner that keeps the users interested. Have you ever picked up a well written novel that you just couldn’t put down?  Professional content on a website can have this same feeling of attraction. Think about the website as a story, then think of the individual pages as chapters. Write the content in a manner that will influence users to continue reading through the website and ultimately hitting that call to action button at the end. A great website design should also try to include other elements of content like videos, animations and interactive media this will help build the user experience and make a new website design a great website design.

Website load time

The load time is one of the most important elements of any website design. The website has to be built in a way that allows fast loading. Most users of websites these days will not wait more than a few seconds for content to load and having a heavy structure with poor coding will ultimately mean losing website users. Modern website developers have mastered the art of building websites to load fast, but still we find some designers that have not moved with the times and newer technologies to allow fast loading website development. 

Responsive website design

On top of fast loading times, users of a new website design want to be able to view a website with ease, on multiple devices from desktop computers to tiny watches and everything in-between. This trend has pushed website developers to come up with technology to allow such viewing. Added to this, companies like Google and Yahoo have started penalizing websites that are not mobile responsive. So in a nut shell, insure your website is built on a responsive platform.  If you would like any advice on website design or website development you can contact our Irish web design agency in Dublin at any stage.