Web design agencies and the creative environment

Web design agencies and the creative environment

What makes a web design agency a great web design agency? Many clients ask themselves this question when embarking on a new website design project and the answer is not always so clear. The main difference between a web design agency and a standalone freelance website designer is a web design agency strives to have a team of specialists under one roof, almost like a one-stop-shop, who work together to bring the best out in all website design projects. Many clients ask; isn’t web design just web design? And the answer to that question is most certainly no. Let’s have a look at the different skill sets required to drive a really successful website design project. 

The Client Service Manager

In a website design agency the client service manager is often the person that interacts directly with the client. They tend to be the face of the agency and the flow of information goes back and forth through this person. When starting a new project the client service manager usually meets with the client and develops a deep understanding of the clients’ requirements. They try to understand the business and the future requirements of the business. They figure out the scope of the project and most importantly the clear objectives of the new website. After meeting with the client and scoping out the project the client service manager needs to communicate the full scope of the project to the rest of the team and make sure the project is fully understood by each and every member of the team. The work of the client service manager never stops and they remain the main point of contact between the two sides until well after the web design project is finished. 

The Website Designer

The website designer has a different role and their main function is the creative side of the project. Usually good website designers come from a graphic design background and they focus on the look and feel of a website. Often a website designer will have a number of coding skills but their main role should always be on the creative side and not so much on the technical side of a website design project. The website designer will generally lead the project from an internal point of view.

The Website Developer

The website developer is primarily on the technical side of a website design project. The service they provide is to take the vision from the website designer and make it happen from a technical point of view. The website developer spends many hours coding, testing and debugging and they usually work very closely with the website designer to work through different design ideas. Having a skilled website developer that understands the big picture is one of the most crucial requirements for any website design project.  

The Content Writer

The content writer is often overlooked when talking about website design, but for many, it is as important or in some cases even more important than the graphic side of website design. A content writer will be able to craft the written content in a website, making it flow and guide users through to the next step. It is one of the most important factors that will lead to a successful user experience. A good content writer on the team, in a web agency will help create outstanding websites.

The SEO Expert

The SEO expert conducts a number of functions. Primarily they focus on on-site SEO making sure that a website is built in a way that makes it easy for engines like Google to understand it. They look at the structure of a website, the layout of a website and the targeting of a website. Failing to conduct onsite SEO will lead to a website not ranking. And in most cases this is a disaster for a website design project. The second area this person will look at is off-site SEO. This involves content writing strategies with focused key words, link building and social media development. This role is vast and needs buy-in from every member of the team for it to succeed. Traditionally this role was simple, create a lot of links to your website with anchored text, but Google has put a stop to that a few years back and insist on building links by creating great content.  

The Photographer and the Videographer

Real photographs and videos can have a fantastic impact on a new website. They bring life to the website design, create a connection with users, and in most cases keep users on your website longer. A web design agency with these skill sets will have the ability to develop outstanding websites and create a user experience that will drive interaction with your users, ultimately bringing new customers. BigNet Design is a web design agency located in Dublin. We provide all the skills necessary to create outstanding websites and we would love to talk to you about your next website design project.