Need help getting a website grant in Ireland?

Website Grants Ireland

At this moment in time Local Enterprise Offices are offering companies in Ireland, grants to develop a website with an online selling platform or e-commerce website. As with all grants in Ireland, figuring out the details is half the battle and this in many cases leads to applicants losing interest.

We at BigNet Design can help you through the process and discuss your options when applying for a new web design grant in Ireland. While web development grants can be difficult to obtain, having the assistance of an experienced web design agency that has helped many clients obtain these web design grants can help make the process seamless. Of course we do not charge for this service but we would like the opportunity to quote for the web design project when the grant is approved. 

After contacting our web design agency we will go through some of the criteria needed to proceed:

•    Eligibility Criteria
•    Company Profile
•    Criteria that might exclude a company from applying for the grant
•    What the grant can be used for
•    What the grant cannot be used for
•    The evaluation process
•    The grant draw-down process

It is important to note that the website development grant is a competitive process and only applications that meet the criteria will be eligible. Local Enterprise Offices have not advertised the number of these grants that will be made available but have mentioned they have a target of 2000 extra businesses trading online by the end of the year. Our advice at BigNet Design is to get an application in soon or risk missing the process.

If you are considering moving forward with this process please contact our web design agency in Ireland at any stage. We will advise you on the process, help you make the application and hopefully get to quote for the website development when the grant is received.