Web Designers Dublin

Website Designers Dublin

Our web design agency is involved in a number of projects at any one time, and in the main, it is the job of the web designer to keep all these projects moving in the right direction. While other web design companies may use a project manager for such a role we tend to put the web designer as the lead and they drive the project straight through to finish. 

There are a few reasons we do this. Firstly we believe creativity cannot be scheduled by anyone but the person producing the creativity and trying to push creativity can lead to a bad design. Secondly we separate out the role of the website designer and the website developer. This structure for our web design company is obvious; we believe that a website designer should be creative while a website developer should be technical. 

Working with this structure in our web design agency allows us to give full responsibility for each and every website built to a single individual, the website designer. This person takes the brief from the client service manager, develops a draft website structure, applies the aesthetic vision and works through the user experience. 

Once the concept has been defined, the website designer will pass the technical information to the website developer, requests the photographer to take the imagery needed to complement the vision of the website and discuss with the copywriter the general theme of the website content. 

At the stage the web designer is driving all the elements of the website design project and not only is the website designer driving the project but they are driving their own vision. Now this might seem like a small thing but let’s look at the alternative. 

Assume we have a project manager driving the project and the web designer comes up with a design concept or a vision. Half way through the project, the website designers’ vision begins to creep in a direction it was not intended to go. The buck stops with the project manager and time pressures begin to mount. The project manager makes the decision to continue and work with the new direction. Now we have a project manager, probably with no design experience, dictating the new vision for the website. This is not to say the end result of the project will not be good, but I would rather have an experienced web designer driving a web design project rather than an experienced project manager.

At our web agency we believe in fully defining the roles of each individual member of the website design team. This can lead to a much better design process and our web design service will continue to grow stronger and stronger.