Using Google Analytics on your new website design

New website design

Google Analytics is a free service that allows users to monitor traffic to their websites. It is a commonly used tool that most web design agencies will use and we at BigNet Design encourage all our clients to explore this fantastic tool. 

Once your new website development is complete simply sign up for Google Analytics. The step by step instructions will guide you through the entire process in an almost seamless manner. The most difficult part of the set-up is, inserting a small line of code into the head section of your website. This is pretty simple for most website owners but if you are having problems, contact our web design company for advice. 

Once installed, begin with the basics, look at the number of overall visitors to your website and track the progress over time. After getting more familiar with the user interface, you can begin to filter location, dates and times, pages your customers visit and much more. If anything Google provides way too much information for the average user, but in-time you will find ways to understand and use the data.

In the beginning most website owners ask why you would want to track information about people visiting your new website. For many it is not obvious, but tracking this information will help you understand your client base, the products that interest them and the flow through your website.

Consider for a moment that one hundred people visited your website this week. Most of the visitors entered your website on the home page and navigated to a particular section then exit your website. By analysing the data you find a large percentage of visitors never made it to the value parts of your website (the call to action). It’s this data that will allow you look at the exit page of your website and build in a better flow, keeping them moving through the value chain towards the call to action. 

Now this is just one example of the power of Google Analytics and there are many more. One of the best ways to learn to use this tool is to jump into the deep end, and try to understand the basics. As website developers, we would highly recommend this tool to all website owners. The insights could help convert users of your website to real genuine leads and potentially new customers. If you require any advice on using Google Analytics or you are interested in a new website design, please be sure to give us a call.