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Web Design - Google Search

Have you ever wondered how Google Search works? And how does it find websites that match what you are looking for? These are important things to consider for all website designers and website developers. In short Google works like an index on a massive book and seeks to relate your search term to that index and return the most relevant results. But how does it do it? And what makes it so accurate? Thankfully the answer to these questions, are all published on Google Webmaster Support website.  

Website Crawling

The process begins by Google Crawling the internet and every available webpage on it, how often and how frequent this happens is determine by the algorithm they use. The Crawlers are running all the time, following new website links and updating the index all the time and this process keeps search result fresh and up-to-date. Once crawled, the information is indexed, but what does that mean?

Website Indexing

Once Google has Crawled a website it adds the key information to the index, indicating what the webpage is about. This information includes keywords, title tags and ALT attributes. Again this keeps the index up-to-date and relevant for people using Google to find results. 

Search Results

When people search for something using Google the algorithm goes through the index and finds the results Google feels are best for that search query. Sounds simple but it is not, remember that Google applies its algorithm and that helps them determine how relevant the results are to the query. This algorithm has over 200 different ranking factors that they apply to the search before returning a result. It is important to note that Google are constantly updating their algorithm with a view to producing better and better results for its users. 

About our Web Design Company

BigNet Design have been building websites for many years and we highly recommend all website owners take some time and read through some of the guidelines Google publish on its website. When we build a website for a client we make sure to follow each and every best practice technique and this gives our clients a competitive edge when trying to rank for particular search terms. If you would like to talk to any of our website designers or web developers, please feel free to get in touch at any stage.