Web Designers – Are they redundant?

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Over the past number of years content management systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have become a lot more user friendly. The introduction of templates has also made it easier for an amateur website designer to build what looks like a great website. So does that mean the role of a website designer?

Website Designers

Website designers are and should be artistic people but many people still confuse them with website developers, who should be technical people. In general, a website designer should be looking at the website from a look and feel point of view and applying their creativity to each individual project. It is this creativity that makes a website design a great website. So in general, a website designer is artistic and creative and can apply this artistic view to many different website designs. The question now is can a content management system template provide this individual creativity?

Content Management Systems Templates

Have a look around and you will find a multitude of website templates for each content management system. The trouble with most is that they are designed to be everything for everyone and this does not exactly cut it. Firstly a website built on a template has a technical issue. The website could have hundreds of redundant pages, not visible form the front-end but most defiantly found by Search Engines (even if blocked). Now this creates a huge problem, Search Engines, crawl the redundant pages reading the content and tries to figure out what the website is about. The redundant pages, if not deleted or properly stacked can confuse the Search Engine and this can cause a website to rank very poorly. Secondly, a website template will never fit the vision for your website and users of website templates always end up settling for second best.

So what is the future for a website designer?

In our web design company, creativity is always needed and the introduction of content management systems and website templates has certainly helped amateur website designers but with them comes the possibility of not ranking well in Search Engine results and the lack of individuality. On another note, content management systems have streamlined the back-end process of development and this has made it more accessible to the amateur website developer. In general we believe in artistic and creative value and this cannot be created overnight with the purchase of a template. It is this creative and artistic ability that makes a website into a really great website and it is something to be valued.

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