Web Design – Integrating Twitter Feeds

Our web agency has worked on many website designs in the past and these days more clients are requesting that we locate a Twitter feed in the footer of the new website design. Now this is a relatively simple thing to do from a development point of view but what benefit does it bring the clients website or is it just another trend? 

At BigNet Design we are a big fan of Twitter, we are relatively active on the platform and we use it to develop new customers, but people use Twitter in different ways. Our aim is to bring people to our blog and ultimately to the rest of our website, some of these people may be interested in availing of our website design services at some stage in the future.

Other users of Twitter operate it as a stand-alone platform that is not linked to a website or a master platform and that is fine, if it works for them but what is the advantage of linking Twitter directly to your website?

Get users to your own website

As mentioned above, it can get users to your own website. This allows you as the website owner to display your product or service in the way you want to display it. Hence you are not stuck to a word count limit, you can create “call to action” buttons and you can even direct your potential customers to other products or services you have on your website. 

Build your brand profile

Another reason for linking Twitter to your website is to help with your Social Profile as seen by search engines and in some cases your “Tweet” could be “Re-Tweeted” then crawled by Google while on their website RSS feed, giving your website a valuable back-link. More importantly an active Social Profile that is linked to your website will help build your brand in the eyes of your customer and create synergies for your brand. 

Understand customer trends and interests

Finally, Twitter provides some nice tools to see the engagement with your twitter posts. You can see how many people came to your website, what they are interested in and what “Tweets” caught the imagination of your customers. This information can be fantastic when looking to the future or looking to expand your product offerings. 

Our website design and development agency believe the best option is to keep all your relevant social media platforms linked to your website and work with each social media platform to help build and develop you brand. At BigNet Design we would love to talk to you about your web design and social strategy. You can contact our website design company at any stage in Dublin on +353 (0)1 662 9398.