Mobile Web Design - See if Your Website Passes the Test

Mobile Web Design

At our web agency we use a number of tools provided free of charge from companies like Google to test the websites we build. The main reason we use such tools is to keep up to date with best practice as specified by the various different search engines. 

Why Implement Mobile Responsiveness 

Keeping up to date with these website design techniques will help search engines like Google, better understand the websites we build for our clients and in turn this will help the websites rank higher for particular keywords. Added to ranking higher for keywords and probably as important, is the experience a user will have on the website. When we have completed a web design and development for our clients we highly recommend they take note of the various tools and use them to better understand the performance of the website into the future. After all, these tools are provided free of charge from companies like Google so why not check them out?

Googles Mobile Friendly Test

The Mobile Friendly Test is one of the simplest tools to use, follow this link and insert a website URL and press Analyse. Google begins the process of analysing and in most cases this will finish in a couple of seconds. When complete you can see the results for yourself. Google will identify any resources on your website that are blocked followed by a render of what your website looks like on a mobile device. If all is well with the website design, fantastic, your website is mobile responsive. If not you can identify changes you might need to make in order to bring it up to standard. 

Our Web Agency

If you are having trouble with your website and you require a professional web agency to help you out, feel free to contact BigNet Design. We are located in the heart of Dublin City and our friendly website designers are always happy to help out.