Web Development Ireland

Web Development Ireland

Website development in Ireland is often a service provided by a single individual, they might be a person working from home as a freelance web developer or they might be a person working in a design company with the job to develop and design websites. As in other posts we believe that the role of the website developer and the website designer is completely different.  

Our web design company believe that web development in Ireland and across the world has changed dramatically over the past few years. The tendency for website developers to work as freelance experts has changed and they are generally drifting towards website design companies. The main reason for this is customers want a one stop shop for their web design project and dealing with two separate individuals can cause problems with communication. Customers are very aware these days that it is very difficult to find both creative and technical skills in the same person as fundamentally these skill sets are on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

But leaving aside freelance web developers moving towards web design companies, there seems to be a much bigger migration of this particular skilled person. Companies like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace are companies that make content management systems. These content management systems are used by some website design companies as a structure for the websites they build. 

The aim of a website CMS system is to try reduce the amount of development work needed to design websites. While these CMS systems have been around for many years they are slowly but surely getting better. As a consequence, these companies like WordPress and Drupal need skilled website developers and they offer big incentives for good web developers to join their teams. In Ireland companies like Squarespace have set up in Dublin and they are attracting a lot of the skilled workforce around the city centre. 

So web development in Ireland is changing rapidly and web design companies like BigNet Design need to change with the times to address the moving nature of web design services. The future of web development in Ireland and indeed the future of web design in Ireland is moving fast and we feel it is moving in the right direction. The technology is moving forward and this breathe life into the web design industry. For our web design company that can only help drive our growth and our offerings to our clients.