Web Design Prices

Web Design Prices Ireland

Web design can be expensive and using a good web design agency can add to that price but why is it expensive and why is there such a disparity between different web design companies. The simple answer is the same as you will get with most products or services and that is, the cost of a website is dependent on the number of hours put into building the website. 

A professional website designer will work through a complete strategy for your website; they will look at your business and work out a web design plan that will make you stand out from every other website in your field. The website designer will dig deep into your existing website and try understanding what makes users interact. Next on the web designers’ agenda is to figure out a logical flow through your website and a flow that will ultimately direct the users to make contact. The website designer will continue this process until they build a very strong understanding of your industry, your business and your users. Then and only then can the design phase and structural planning begin.

Now take for example the freelance website designer that offers you a bells and whistles website for €1,000. Do you think they crafted a website strategy? And is that website going to drive your users or is it just putting a coat of paint on an old wall? 

In reality, a well thought out website design should take a minimum of 20 days to complete and in some cases much more. Anything less and you could be getting a pre-built website template that was designed to be generic for different types of businesses. These website templates usually have problems ranking, they look tired and very often they have 1000’s of pages of code in the background that was developed to account for different design requirements. In short, if these blocks of code are not removed, Google will never know what your website is about. On the other hand if you try to remove some of them you could break the template. 

Our advice is to run a mile from website design templates and when looking at web design prices be sure you are getting quotations for websites that are built specifically for your purpose. We at our website design company spend a minimum of 20 days developing and designing all of our websites.