Website Design – Are you using Google Search Console

Website Design Are you using Google Search Console

Google provide a number of excellent tools for website owners and website designers to us to improve their websites. One of our favourite tools is Google Search Console. This free tools is open to anyone who has a google account and the process of setting it up is pretty easy. At our website design agency in Dublin we set up this as standard when providing a web design service to our clients and we make sure they are aware of Google Search Console and know how to use it correctly. 

Website Search Appearance

On signing into the dashboard you will find a number of options to assist you with your website and it will even highlight areas you should focus on in order to increase your website ranking. The first menu item is called Search Appearance, in that you will find headings like Structured Data, Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements and Site Links. Out of all of these we at our web agency tend to use the HTML Improvements tool the most. Here you will find common issues like duplicate meta-descriptions, long meta-descriptions, short meta-descriptions, title tag information and non-indexable content. It is vital to your ranking on Google to address any issues that are highlighted and make sure your website design is being read in the correct way. 

Website Search Traffic

Search Traffic is a great element of this tool, users can analyse the traffic to their website, look at the links to your website, map the internal links and look for any spam issues. Users or website designers can also opt to target their particular website to an international location, for example Ireland. Website designers and website developers will usually use a tab called Mobile Usability, this will highlight any errors a new website design might have in relation to the websites mobile responsiveness.  As we all know these days that the majority of public website traffic comes from mobile devices, so this tool is one of the most important tools for seeing if a website design is working across all mobile devices. 

Google Index

In this tab you can see the status of your websites indexing, meaning has Google Indexed your website and if not, why not? Website designers also use this to look at the content keywords by density and look to find if there are any blocked resources. Finally on this section there is a tab to remove URLs and although it is a simple task to remove a URL be sure to know exactly what you are doing. If in doubt you can get in contact with our website design company and seek advice. 

Website Crawl

The final main section in this tool looks at items like crawl errors, crawl status and even has a great little section called “Fetch as Google”. This section allows you to push a new page on your website and Google will render it for indexing a few moments after it receives the data. This is ideal for news events or information you want to get out to the public straight away. One final item on the list is about security issues and this resource is great to see if you have any obvious issues and although it is not a definitive security check, it is useful for website owners and webmasters to keep an eye on. 

Our Web Agency

So our website design agency in Dublin uses this tool all the time and we highly advise any website owners to become knowledgeable about Search Console. Using it correctly will boost your ranking in Google Search and it will help website designers like BigNet Design build websites that perform better on all levels from usability right through to the back-end of the development. You can contact our web agency at any stage and we look forward to hearing from you about your experiences with Search Console.