Web Agencies are using Google Analytics – You should be too

Our website design company uses Google Analytics on a daily bases to gain better insights into what our customers find interesting on our website. We also make sure each of our website design clients know the power of Analytics and how to use. This service from Google is completely free of charge and it provides a wealth of information to help website owners, website developers and website designers maximise their return from their website resource. 

The beauty about this service is that is allows you to view website data in so many different ways and its flexibility is amazing. At first glance it can seem a bit overwhelming but with enough practice, users find their way around and begin to experience the true value. Not only does Analytics give you a detailed view of your website traffic, it can also give you great insights into your business, market and what clients and potential clients want.

When you login to your Google Analytics you will find a lot of information. Most of which we will not cover right now but if you would like to know more please, don’t be shy and get in contact with our website design agency in Dublin. But as an overview users have a dashboard that they can modify to show the most relevant reports for their website. Website designers and online marketing professionals often use real time analytics just after they have launched a big project to see the immediate reach. This can often give a good indication of the success of the marketing activity. 

Analytics is also used to get more information about the websites audience like demographics, interests, language and location and again this is all vital information used by website owners for planning future product releases or focusing their business activities in a particular way. 

A lot of web agencies spend an enormous amount of time on social media channels without knowing the exact impact of their efforts. Using Google Analytics, web agencies can see how they acquired the visitors to the website and even break it down by channel like organic traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic or social traffic. For example; if a user looks at a channel like social,  they will find the social network they came from like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. the number of visitors, how long they stayed on the website, the average number of pages the viewed and much more. 

A particular favourite section for us in our website design agency is the behaviour of the user when they enter the website. This tells website designers and developers how to improve the user experience across the website. Say for example we had 100 visitors to our website www.bignetdesign.com, and on one particular page 70% of the visitors left our website, from that information we would know to do something with that page to keep our potential clients interested.

So Google Analytics is a powerful tool for web design agencies like BigNet Design and we know that most website design agencies in Ireland will pay a lot of attention to what they are seeing on their websites. We would recommend that every business owner with a website get up to date with Analytics and use it to your advantage.

Our web design agency in Dublin is more than happy to work with clients to help them get the most of their new website design. We feel Analytics is a fantastic tool and should be installed on each and every website. Contact us in Dublin at any stage if you are interest in our website design services.